12 things I’ve learned in 12 months that could benefit green industry professionals


Over the last 12 months I’ve interviewed dozens of green industry professionals and listened to countless people tell their stories of success and challenges in this industry. Here is my take on what I’ve learned and how it may help your bottom line.

  1. The demand for bee related products will continue to  grow, according to an article in the balance, a digital personal finance and lifestyle magazine. This could create an opportunity for an additional revenue source while increasing the presence of pollinators to pollinate crops. 
  2. Consider growing microgreens. Because they mature so quickly, they can be grown in greenhouses between other crops.
  3. Shop around for LED lighting. There are many companies out their touting their products. Do your research, read articles in trade magazines, such as Greenhouse Management magazine.
  4. Think vertical. I believe one of the big stories going into 2018 is the potential for growing greens vertically in once abandoned warehouses in the city. Herbs, microgreens and flower petals can be sold directly to restaurants and retailers. Because fresh greens can fetch a higher price, there is an opportunity to profit from this trend.
  5. Speaking of trends, keep up to speed on the forthcoming trends. In a dynamic market it’s imporant to stay current on the trends in consumer preferences. Garden Media Group puts out a trends forecast each year. Cruize by and see what’s going to be hot.
  6. This one goes without saying: the cannabis market is hot! With states like California legalizing pot comes opportunities for growers and suppliers. Having said that, caution is in order as businesses grapple with the legal status at the Fed level and often complicated state regulations.
  7. Updating heating and cooling systems isn’t the only way to improve efficiency and ultimately save money. The newer bench systems make handling flats and trays much more efficient, saving time and labor.
  8. This bares repeating because I suspect not everyone is one board yet. Connect with customers via social media channels. Pick which ones are right for you and start engaging with your customers. Hire a copywriter to provide pertinent content via blogs, newsletters and white papers. A competent copywriter will know what “buttons to push” to get people interested in your product or service.
  9. Have a fluid website. A website that is no more than a glorified business card is just like a business card sitting in a desk drawer: nobody sees it! An internet marketer can help you get on a path to more web traffic.
  10. Take lots of pictures. Whether you’re a landscaper with award-winning designs, or own a garden center, it is a good idea to have a good stock of pictures that can be used on the social media channels, including Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.
  11. Take video clips of important projects or special events. You  can also hire a videoographer to produce a professional video. Like the above, it is a good practice to have these videos on hand you can use on a website, a Youtube channel, presentations, etc.
  12. The weather and climate is getting so unpredictable and extreme it has precipitated a need to plant hardy plants that can take cold, heat, wind, rain, you name it. Make sure you have a good selection of hardy and sturdy-stemmed plants,including natives, you can offer to your customers.   
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