Testimonials from happy campers

“Yay!  I just read through them all (blog posts).  I am very happy with your work!  Thank you for being flexible and rolling with the punches. The changes you made certainly reflect what I was asking, that they be general and broad for other websites to use. Perfect.”

Brooke Gordon, former Marketing Coordinator with Stoett Industries (Currently owns a marketing firm catering to the whole foods market)

“You have a way of writing that flows from one paragraph to another. Some things I read I can’t understand what they’re talking about, yours is easy to follow.” Dane Wallis, owner, J & S Beekeeping, July, 2019, in response to articles of Neil’s he read in Mother Earth News and Cloverland Connections.

(Writing to the editor at HortiDaily) “We have a writer who will do the case study article for us. His name is Neil Moran. He is a horticulture science writer that originally wrote an article about O2 Grow and the study done at University of Wisconsin at River Falls.”

Also, if you are ever looking for more writers, Neil is very good!”

Cindy Scanlon, owner, O2Grow a division of the Oxygen Research Group

March, 2019

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“This is great stuff. I love your introduction! (regarding blog content and video scripts for website.”

Bill Carney, owner Proplugger garden tool


“Hi Neil, for February Greenhouse Management, we need some manpower on the Spring Survival Guide supplement again. I thought you did a great job last year on the “keeping your cool” article, and we can think of a new subject for you.” Karen Varga, Editor, GIE Media’s Greenhouse Management and Produce Grower.


“Neil Moran performed public relations duties for me while I was warden of the Kinross Correctional Facility. These tasks included writing public release statements for local media, creator and contributor to an in-house and department-wide newsletter, and writing brochures for the Michigan Corrections Association conferences. I could always rely on Neil to perform these tasks in a timely, accurate and skillful manner.”

“Neil has the ability to put my thoughts into writing in a way that clearly expresses the intended message better than I could say it, whether it was a press release or a brochure for an upcoming conference. He also wrote an informative in-house newsletter.” Robert Lecureux,former correctional facility warden.


Neil wrote press releases, brochures and a newsletter for the United Way of Chippewa County for over six years. The local United Way achieved its fundraising goal each year Neil wrote for us. Neil is a skillful, creative and dependable writer and a pleasure to work with.” Sharon Jones, former director of the Chippewa County United Way.

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“Thanx so much for yet another great article—hope to hear from you for the early spring.”

Tecla Emerson, Editor, Outlook by the Bay


“Hi Nancy, here is the article I was telling you about, I hope you like it,” Neil.

“I just loved this!  What are you working on currently?” Nancy Ewald, former editor of Activity Connection