Is climate change driving sales of garden related products?


Gardeners spent a record $47.8 billion on lawn and garden products this past year, according to the Garden Media Group’s 2019 Trends Report. The effects of climate change could be driving up sales of garden related products as people increasingly see the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy planet.

According to the popular trends report “horticulture is essential to solve climate change, biodiversity loss and urban eco-system services.”  To this end people appear to be trending away from the “me” generation and more to the “she” generation, “she” meaning caring for Mother Earth. This can be seen especially with the purchasing habits of the Generation X group but also the Millennials, who now make up 29% of all households who garden. This age group is increasingly interested in sustainable products, i.e., “zero waste,” and environmental causes that include, you guessed it: planting more plants!

The annual trends report provides ample detail and information to help garden related businesses–from growers to landscapers and retailers–make business decisions for the upcoming year. For instance, they see an upward trend in the purchase of house plants for indoor gardening and native plants for sustainable landscaping. And more people are concerned with our dwindling insect population, which is emphasized in a popular book by Michael McCarthy, titled: The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy.

We’re also glued to our “blue screens.” Technology is a double edged sword, offering a way for fellow gardeners to connect with other gardeners and share the joys of gardening. Unfortunately, it also means more time in front of a screen of some type, spending more time indoors instead of outside tending a garden. However, we are inherently drawn to nature, it’s in our DNA, the report seems to suggest.

“We are in a new awakening. People are getting off their devices, going outside, and getting back in touch with their roots,” Says Katie Dubow, creative director at the trend spotting firm. “And gardening is a natural fit.” This attitude should push sales of garden related products, especially those that appear to be supporting the natural world, such as native and other plants that attract pollinating insects.  

There’s much more to the 2019 Trends Report. So before you make plans for the New Year for your greenhouse, garden center or other green industry business, take a look at what’s ahead.





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