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Like a veteran carpenter who has built everything from garages to kitchen cabinets, I’ve done a lot of different types of writing: blog posts, articles, white papers, press releases, etc. Ask me to do just about any type of writing and, like the carpenter, I have the tools and knowledge to do the work.

And like the carpentry profession, things change over time and I need to keep my skills current if I’m to continue to take on good-paying jobs. And quite frankly, there is always more to learn. 

Over the years I’ve taken some different courses and programs on writing and even paid for “expert coaching.” In both cases, they didn’t really offer a good return on investment (ROI), at least not for me. They were helpful, but perhaps just not a good fit.

One beef I’ve had with these programs and even the coaching is they were pricey and when you were done you were done. Once the program ended you no longer had access to the materials. 

The one program I’m glad I found is the Freelance Writer’s Den. The “Den” as it is referred to, is a subscription-based program that includes access to tons of material, including boot camps on writing and marketing, a forum, job board, podcasts, and articles. 

I was hesitant to join the Den at first, even though I had read some great articles by Den staff. I think I was hesitant mainly because of the experience I had with other freelance writing programs, but also because in the back of my mind I was thinking “boy, I should just be writing and marketing and not spending time and money on these programs.”

I also wondered, “could the Den really offer a veteran writer anything he hadn’t already read or heard about?”

In fact, I initially signed up for the Den and then canceled my subscription before the second billing cycle, mostly for the reasons given above. 

But then, for some reason, maybe because I knew there were gaps in my marketing and writing skills, I circled back to the Den.

I’m glad I did.

More bang for my buck

I was about to find out for only $25 a month I would have access to a plethora of tools to refer to when I needed them, including a forum where I can network with other writers. Unlike a carpenter that has the advantage of comparing notes with other carpenters to stay current with best practices in remodeling, roofing, etc., writers, by and large, work alone. The only person I have in “realtime” to converse with on the subject lives 70 miles away in a different country and is very busy writing white papers!

So via the Den I’ve been able to tap into a lot of good information that helps me to make more money and stay current with the skills needed to work my craft and have a readily available reference when I take on different assignments. 

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Making more of marketing

For example, at the time I joined the Den I really needed advice on marketing my business in this everchanging business environment. I got what I needed right away in Joshua Boswell’s Freelance Marketing Mastery boot camp. 

Unbeknownst at the time, I would also need to brush up on some specific skills needed to do a particular project, much like a carpenter may need to get some pointers on installing a walk-in bathtub. 

Here is what happened. 

About the time I was taking the self-paced marketing boot camp, I received an inquiry regarding my services. A company needed someone to write a press release. I hadn’t done a press release in a few years, but was able to brush up on these skills by hitting the pause button on Joshua’s marketing course and taking one of the Den’s short courses on writing press releases. 

I was also able to put Joshua’s training to work right away to negotiate the best deal writing the press release. And on the advice of Joshua, I asked for, and received, additional work with the company, which ended up paying me top dollar for my efforts. 

So after only two months and an investment of only $50 in the Freelance Writer’s Den, I  was able to brush up on my press release writing skills and picked up assignments from just one client: total earned? $2000.

So like a carpenter, we never know what’s up ahead for work, but with the Freelance Writers Den I know that I have plenty of tools in my toolbelt to improve my chances of landing an assignment, doing quality work, and making good money.  

If you’re looking to join the Den, follow this link and start making more money now!

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