Gift for the gardener: the Cobrahead Weeder

One tool I’ve found to be indispensable for my home gardening and landscaping jobs is the CobraHead Weeder. If you’re not familiar with this marvelous tool it’s a hand-held tool, a little over a foot long, shaped like a fish hook with a patented “Steel Fingernail.” which describes the tip of the hook that makes it a weeding tool like no other.

CobraHead mini

The CobraHead Weeder is ideal for removing weeds from difficult places, such as between the cracks in the sidewalk, between the stones in a stone walkway, and weeds crowding up against a raised bed. It can also be used to cultivate between plants and is especially useful in tough clay type soils. This is one of those tools, like a smartphone, that once you start using it, you can’t do without it.  

Now when I first starting using the CobraHead Weeder getting up and down from a kneeling position was no big deal. Now, quite frankly that hinge in my back for getting up and down is getting a little rusty, so I’d rather stand up and do this chore if at all possible. 

Luckily the CobraHead company has me covered. Apparently, I’m not the only one looking to stay off his or her knees as much as possible. A little while after the CobraHead Weeder came out the company made a long-handled one, appropriately called the CobraHead Long Handle weeder.

This tool is a real gem. It’s built from solid ash and just at the right height to be able to comfortably hoe from a stand-up position. Both the long handle and short handle weeder are manufactured by the  CobraHead company in Wisconsin with “environmentally friendly practices wherever possible.” The forged and tempered steel blade is made in the U.S., as well as the other materials that go into this product. 

To see how it works check out the video on their website showing how to use the tool in an ergonomic way so you too can avoid some of the pain and strain of gardening. 

Cheers to gardening and the Cobrahead Weeder!

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