GardenFrames offer elegance, ease of assembly for raised beds

I love plants and can grow about anything. I even know the botanical names of things like a birch tree (Betula) and plants in the cabbage family (Brassicas). However, when it comes to carpentry, I’m the gardening equivalent of a brown thumb.

That’s why I’m excited about a great new product for gardeners that is looking for Kickstarter type funding so it can begin making it’s way to shopping carts online and eventually to garden centers around the country. It’s a line of garden frames that will help me and other gardeners construct raised bed gardens without having to be a jack of all trades.


Choose the height you want. The sides can be purchased at any hardware store.

The GardenFrame™ consists of steel corners that are used to assemble raised bed gardens. You won’t find these corner frames at a hardware store. They’re elegantly designed so they’re both aesthetically pleasing and practical. They come in two different designs and are constructed of the same cold steel used in making automobiles.

Garden frames for raised bed gardening

Elegant designs make GardenFrames attractive as well as practical

“I think gardeners will love the GardenFrame because it is elegant and functional and allows anyone to build their own GardenFrame creation anywhere with ease and style,”says Dr. Scott Kachlany, inventor and co-founder of Gardinnovations, a firm out of New Jersey.

GardenFrames can be customized to fit any space, in a front or back yard, patio, porch, or even a balcony in the city. They also allow your raised bed garden to be from 10 inches to 2 feet tall using their Grow Higher kit. The sides can consist of non-chemically treated lumber sold in most hardware stores.

garden frame, raised bed gardens

Easy assembly, no special tools required.

“You can  customize the size of your garden to fit your space, whether it is an outdoor garden, patio, porch, balcony, or even indoors, says Kachlany. “The GardenFrame is especially practical for urban garden spaces.”

Check out their pre-launch for the GardenFrame™on and enjoy a tour of their page which includes several pictures, product specifications, and Kickstarter launch details. Kachlany says comments and feedback are welcome.

Neil Moran is a horticulturist, freelance writer, and garden blogger.

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