Words and phrases that should rightfully be banned

Every year since 1976 Lake Superior State University, my alma mater, has published  a list of banned words and phrases, sent in from people from around the world, that are misleading, misused or simply worn out. Many of these words and phrases get into business marketing and apparently others adopt them to try to sound like they really get it. After awhile everyone is starting a sentence out with “So”…, or ending one with “I’m just saying,” both intended to convey the impression that the speaker has the final word on something.

Unfortunately, some of these words and phrases actually detract, in my opinion, from the actual substance of the message. One of my pet peeve phrases is “moving forward,” which I think is a little vague. Perhaps it would be better to say “in the future” this is the way we’re going to approach this subject. Or better yet, next week we’re going to get to work on this.

So, I don’t mean to be a curmudgeon of “iconic” phrases. In fact, moving forward I’ll try not to be so critical…I’m just saying. I find a little amusement and hope for the Queen’s English after reading this tome’.

Have a Happy New Year!

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