Content Marketing Summit: What’s in it for horticulture professionals?

Is your company using blogs, video, a newsletter or white paper–i.e., content marketing–to promote your product or service? How about social media?

If so, you know how important content marketing is and also how difficult it can be to keep up with this constantly evolving mode of marketing.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity coming up to bring you and your team up to speed on the latest and greatest in content marketing. What’s more you won’t have to leave your office, or greenhouse for that matter, to get in on this great deal. It’s all happening online at the Content Marketing Summit, being held from May 22 to June 2, 2017.

The summit will include over 60 marketing and content creation experts. Many of these folks I’ve become familiar with via my copywriting business, including a friend of mine, Gordon Graham, an expert on white paper creation and author of the book White Papers for Dummies.

There are sessions covering virtually (no pun intended) everything related to content marketing and creating a presence online. And the best thing is you won’t miss a session because it is being ran simultaneously with another session you want to attend. The online summit allows you to view the session anytime within 24 hours of the original presentation, or pay $49 to watch it days or weeks later.

While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads.”

Content marketing, while not exactly new, is an ever changing marketing strategy, especially in terms of how content is prepared and delivered. If done well, it can be a pretty cost effective method of reaching potential customers. If done poorly or inconsistently, it’s kind of like a hanging basket that has been neglected. You still have the plant and the pot, but it isn’t pretty.

This mode of inbound marketing is particularly effective for B2B marketing. In the green industry, this includes anyone selling horticultural products (e.g., seed, fertilizer and pesticides) or equipment (lawn mowers, lighting, skid steers, software) to greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers, and legal cannabis growers.

Content marketing is also effective for B2C businesses. We practice content marketing anytime we use a blog or website, or any other mode of delivery, to inform our customers how to grow a plant, water more effectively, design a garden bed or landscape, or control garden pests. For B2C companies it’s more about recruiting new customers and immediate sales than it is about “generating leads,” jargon reserved more for the B2B crowd.

If you can’t find at least a dozen beneficial programs to attend, I’d be very surprised. Quite a bargain, I’d say, considering you won’t have any travel expenses.The cost is only $199 if you register by May 8, $299 after this date.

This is a great chance to bring your team up to speed on content marketing, learn how to start a content marketing strategy, or simply learn more about marketing in the digital era.

Here is an example of what you will learn from some of the presentations at the Content Marketing Summit::

  1. How to create an effective content marketing campaign and assemble a content marketing team
  2. How to write more effective content that gets read and shared
  3. How to create and promote a podcast
  4. How to attract more website traffic
  5. How to reposition a white paper and use it for a blog post, LinkedIn article or press release
  6. The most effective use of video
  7. How to get the most out of Facebook
  8. How to get the most out of your content marketing using paid media
  9. How to integrate content marketing and public relations for better results
  10. How to go global with your B2B content marketing

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