Why you need a white paper and a really cool infographic


Do you have a big ticket item to sell or want to introduce a new product to the market? Or perhaps you have an item that is simply too complex to summarize in a magazine ad?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you need a white paper.

Selling big ticket items such as greenhouses, fogging systems, fertilizers and software to growers in the green industry and especially the emerging cannabis market can be a challenge. The competition is stiff and it can be hard to reach potential buyers in a really meaningful way. Advertisements in magazines can be effective as can displays and demonstrations at trade shows.

But if you don’t have a detailed white paper for potential buyers you could be missing out on potential sales. Growers in this market are savvy entrepreneurs who want to be well informed before committing to a new product or making a large purchase that may require they see a banker.

Here is where a white paper comes in. A white paper is a detailed description of a product that that goes far beyond a quarter page ad in a magazine. Information for a white paper draws from everyone in your company, from engineers to sales persons. A copywriter worth his salt will write one in such a way as to not to be a hard sell, but rather a gentle nudge to potential buyers, via persuasive writing, to purchase the product based on the features and benefits presented.

So when do you need a white paper? Use a white paper to promote products that are:

  • New to the market: (e.g., a pesticide, fertilizer, software system)  
  • Complex, has to be explained (e.g., scanning systems, security software, climate control systems)
  • Expensive, has to be justified (e.g., greenhouses, skids steers, LED lighting, automatic trimmers)

White papers are the true work horses in the advertising world, providing highly detailed information of a product so buyers can make an informed decision. They’re more cost effective than ads that may run one time in a magazine or on television. Once created, white papers can not only be embedded on your website, but moved about via social media, sent to potential buyers, bloggers and even freelance writers writing for trade magazines, such as Cannabis Business Times. They can also be re-purposed for blog posts, newsletters and press releases.

However, white papers don’t need to spend all their time online. Hard copies, with stellar graphics and illustrations, can be taken to trade shows and handed out to potential buyers. Potential buyers like them because they can be shared with  CEO’s, line staff and procurement before making a significant investment in the product.

If you’re interested in adding a white paper to your marketing program I can send you a free infographic (from the book White Papers for Dummies) that further highlights the benefits of a white paper and what they’re all about, written by a person who is considered in this field to be the go-to guy on white papers, Gordon Graham, aka “That White Paper Guy.”

Speaking of “That White Paper Guy,” I’ve recently teamed up with Mr. Graham to assist cannabis suppliers like yourself in selling your products. His depth of knowledge of white papers (he’s written close to 250 of these things!) and marketing and my extensive background in horticulture and copywriting is providing the 1-2 punch to help businesses like yours improve their bottom line in a big way. Together we can provide you with a targeted white paper and insider marketing tips to get these documents in front of your target audience. You can then sit back and watch more orders come in for your product.

If you would like to learn more about our services and pricing and/or want a free pdf file of the infograph, contact me via email or give me a call at 906-322-4264. We expect demand to be great for this service so contact me as soon as possible so we can get started.

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