New light meter hits the market


Introducing the SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter by Innoquest Inc. 

New light meter provides an inexpensive solution to measure LED and other sources of light

Woodstock, IL.–Innoquest Inc. maker of precision meters for the agriculture sector since 1993, has introduced a versatile quantum PAR light meter that is sure to appeal to large and small greenhouse growers, as well as hobbyists using artificial lighting to grow plants indoors. 

The SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter is a scientifically accurate instrument that takes readings from any source, including LED lighting.

Up until now, growers have spent up to $1,500 for a PAR light meter. The SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter will retail for $295, making it not only affordable to the hobby and small growers, but also for large growers looking to purchase multiple units for several greenhouses, researchers at universities, and anyone relying on artificial light to grow plants.  

“This tool was invented to allow growers to obtain fast readings in three different modes of operation,” says Bill Hughes, President of Innoquest, Inc. “Before this tool, inexpensive light meters weren’t compatible with LED lighting. Growers had to use expensive research quality light meters.” 

Why PAR readings are important

Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) is the best measure of the quantity of photosynthetic light that is reaching the surface of the plant and is measured in micromoles per meter squared per second. Like monitoring the pH of the soil, taking regular PAR readings of a light source will help growers make decisions regarding the type of lights they are using, when bulbs need to be replaced, how close to suspend light fixtures from plants, and deciding if it is time to replace a greenhouse covering. 

Three modes of operation 

This compact, water-resistant light meter features three modes of operation that provides growers all the information they’ll need to monitor and make any adjustments to their lighting:  

  • Instantaneous PAR light readings
  • Scan function to quickly average a coverage area
  • Daily Light Integral (DLI) display (measures the cumulative total amount of PAR that reaches your plants during a 24-hour photoperiod).

How it works

The simple to use SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter takes PAR readings about once per second. The meter’s software automatically stabilizes readings from 50 or 60 Hz light sources. To obtain an average reading for a lighted area press and hold the SCAN button and wave the meter throughout the area where you want to obtain the reading. Scanning can be done for up to 35 seconds.

This meter never sleeps. It takes light readings every 3 minutes, even when the meter is powered off. The DLI is calculated for the past 24 hours and is updated every 15 minutes. The reading will appear when the unit is powered on. 

About Innoquest Inc.

Since 1993 Innoquest Inc. president and licensed engineer Bill Hughes has designed over 75 products for the agriculture and greenhouse sectors, 17 which have won AE-50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural Biological Engineers for outstanding innovation. The company is located in Woodstock, IL.

Order yours today by contacting Dawn Robles, Sales Manager at 815-337-8555 or Visit for a list of dealers. 

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