Quality writing: on time, on point.

Below is a fee schedule for my copywriting services. Whether you’re looking for a writer for your blog, newsletter, white paper, press release, or website, I believe I can speak to your audience.

Neil Moran, copywriterWith over 20 years of experience in the green industry and as a copywriter I can help you reach your goal of parlaying quality content to your potential customers.

Testimonal: “Neil Moran is a horticulture science writer that originally wrote an article about O2 Grow and the study done at University of Wisconsin at River Falls. If you’re ever looking for more writers, Neil is very good!” Cindy Scanlon, owner, O2Grow, a dvision of the Oxygen Research Group, March 2019.

Here is my current fee schedule for my services.

Per Project/Page/Word Fee Schedule (fees based in part on a survey of writer’s earnings conducted  by Writer’s Market)

  1. Newsletter writing: $150-$250 per page
  2. Blogging: $.50 per word or $250-$400 per post
  3. Trade journal feature: $350-$500 per article
  4. Advertising copywriting: $600-$1500 per project
  5. Web content: $150-$250 per page
  6. Web content rewrite: (negotiable)
  7. Presentations: (on gardening or writing): $300 plus expenses
  8. Email marketing campaign: $1200-$1800
  9. White papers: $3000-$3500 per project

Contact me for a quote on your specific project: nrmoran188@gmail.com, 906-322-9211