So what’s so smart about Smart Pots?

Apparently the pots I grow my plants in aren’t too smart. Because now comes “Smart Pots,” the trade name for fabric pots that allow good aeration to the root system of plants. These pots fall into the category of “now, why didn’t I think of that?”

Perhaps I was too busy gardening.

So what’s so smart about Smart Pots? I think the biggest selling point is that they are somewhat porous, allowing air to more directly enter the root system of the plant. They’re made of a tough landscape fabric and come with handles so you can more easily move them around. The fabric also allows the roots to expand with a little more ease than they might in a plastic or clay pot.  Use Smart Pots to grow things like a lemon tree and other houseplants, tomatoes, and (legal) cannabis. 

Have you ever noticed when you take a rather large plant out of a pot that it has been in for several months that a good portion of the root system is pretty dry? How could this be, you think? I’ve been watering them good all along, you say. I recently discovered that when I watered six of my tomato plants, each with the same amount of water, the five plants that I had in Smart Pots absorbed the water in the Smart Pots. The sixth plant was in a three gallon plastic pot–and, guess what? Some of the water ran right through the plastic pot into the tray underneath. 

I guess that is kind of dumb. One can only assume the more sophisticated Smart Pot, you know, the one with the higher IQ, absorbed the water that can then be taken up by the root system. 

So if you’re smart you may want to rush over to your nearest garden center, hydroponic store or Amazon and buy a few Smart Pots, which, incidentally, aren’t very expensive. You can get a package of 5 for about 10 bucks. Now that’s smart!    

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