Watering tools worth singing about

I’ve always said, “show me a water wand worth its salt and I’ll sing its praises.” Well, the Dramm Corporation has shown me not one, but two water wands worthy of singing in the shower.

This lightweight water wand is good for day to day watering chores.

The first one I’d like to gush over is Dramm’s 30” One Touch water wand.This handsome maroon colored wand has only one setting. Lightweight and simple, the One Touch is probably best for day to day watering of hanging baskets and perhaps some plants like squash and pumpkin in a vegetable garden. I was impressed by how the nozzle fit tight and there was no leakage where it connected to my garden hose. I was also impressed with the overall solid, but lightweight aluminum construction. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Multiple spray settings make this wand ideal for the commercial grower.

The 30” Rain Select water wand is significantly heavier and perhaps not the best choice for someone looking or needing a lightweight water wand. But it is excellent for the gardener or greenhouse worker looking for a heavy duty wand with more than one setting. The nine settings–fr0m a mist setting for fragile seedlings, to a shower setting for mature plants–makes it a versatile tool for using in a greenhouse where you might have seedlings to mist early in the year along with some pots to water. The jet setting allows you to quickly switch gears from watering to perhaps spraying down the floors or benches in the greenhouse. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and replacement parts, such as the nozzle. I’m looking forward to using it in my landscaping and greenhouse business.

Both of these tools have a smart turn on/off lever (the One Touch thumb valve) located just above the handle that controls the water flow and doesn’t have to be squeezed like other wands. This can be a real advantage for folks with a little arthritis in their hands, or for even preventing arthritis in the future. The comfortable, rubber handle is a bonus.  This wand also comes with a lifetime warranty and looks to be built tough to handle several seasons of watering.

This spray gun works great for cooling off on a hot day!

Lastly, I’ve been trying out Dramm’s Touch ‘N Flow Revolver spray gun. I’ve used it to was the car, clean the crud off the vinyl siding and have a little fun with my beloved cat who got a little too close when I was spraying! This is a heavy duty nozzle that no doubt will stand the test of time. When I have it in my hand I feel kind of powerful, like I could lift a big pumpkin over my head. When I got over my delusion of grandeur I was able to enjoy the 9 (yes, 9!) different settings this spray gun has to offer: fan, cone, center, jet, mist, soaker, flat, angle, and shower. This lightweight revolver has an ergonomic, insulated grip that is very comfortable to hold. Like the wands this heavy-duty metal spray gun comes with a lifetime guarantee and is available in six bright colors that they say won’t get lost in the lawn (but then they haven’t seen my lawn!).

If you’ve been sending too many water wands off to the landfill after a season or two, or are sick of them dripping water down your shirt when you’re  trying to water hanging baskets and pots, invest in these reasonably priced water wands that will last a lifetime–or your money back!

As a disclaimer, I got all three of these hose attachments upon request from the manufacturer, but I’m not paid to write this review.  


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