Copywriter for the green industry

Providing content marketing solutions for horticulture related businesses

I haven’t met you but I think we have something in common. We both love working in the horticulture and cannabis industries. Whether you’re a grower or supplier to the industries
I bet you love what you do. 
I love what I do,  which is being a copywriter for horticulture businesses, providing compelling SEO content that will attract more leads for your business and sell more products.  


Hands-on knowledge of the industry

I’ve worked in a commercial greenhouse, propagated trees and flowers in a nursery, and taught horticulture before getting into lawn care and landscape design and maintenance.

And now I’m writing about all this stuff!

I can assist you with your content marketing because I understand your products, clients and customers.

I’m schooled in copywriting so I know how to effectively communicate information to the people who read your blog, white papers, articles, and web content.

Sharing Experience and Knowledge 

For the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my experience and knowledge by writing articles for horticultural trade and consumer gardening magazines, a press release and an email campaign for a maker of precision measuring tools, ad copy and video scripts for tool companies, blog posts for lawn care, greenhouse suppliers and a cannabis nutrition company; web content for a landscape designer, and direct mail for a lawn irrigation supplier.

Teaming up to Write Killer White Papers

Recently, I’ve teamed up with a white paper expert to prepare detailed white papers for suppliers to the green industry (including cannabis growers) who sell things like software, grow lights, environmental controls, fertilizer, growing media and other supplies and equipment.

How I can help you with your content marketing

I’ll work with you and your team to create crisp, clear copy that will resonate with your customers. I can do this with a host of content marketing services I offer, including:

SEO copywriting:

  • Blogs and newsletters
  • articles for online and print media
  • email content marketing
  • white papers, ebooks,  special reports
  • direct mail and ads
  • web content
  • case histories

Why hire me???

Did I mention I’m pretty good to work with too? No hand holding here. I’m a conscientious worker/writer who will do my best to get the job done without taking any more of your precious time than I have to.

If it sounds too good to be true, just ask my editors and past clients. In fact, here is what business owners have to say about copy I provided: 

“Neil is a horticulture science writer that originally wrote an article about O2 Grow and the study done at University of Wisconsin at River Falls. If you’re ever looking for more writers, Neil is very good!” Cindy Scanlon, owner, O2Grow, a dvision of the Oxygen Research Group, speaking to the editor of HortiDaily, March 2019.

“Neil, this article exceeds my expectations. Outstanding. Very well researched. I love the quotes. I love that you sent multiple resources for us to link to (including some of our own). Usually I have constructive criticism for our writers, but this time I’m really happy.”  Patrick Hoffman, Service Autopilot Marketing Team. 

Contact me today so we can discuss your next content marketing project. Email:, or phone 906-322-9211. You can also check out my services and fee schedule for information on pricing.