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Quality writing: on time, on point.

You’ve done the hard work of getting your product or idea from conception to completion.  Now let me get the word out so I can help increase your bottom line like I’ve done for many green industry businesses.


Marketing is all about connecting with customers, whether it be B2C or B2B. There are a number of avenues to do this, including print ads, blog posts and white papers. Over the years I’ve been able to make these connections, which has resulted in increased sales for companies like Proplugger, and Corona Tools. I’ve also written extensively for horticulture trade and consumer gardening magazines.

As a horticulturist with several years in the green industry I understand your product as well as your audience. I’ll provide you with crisp, clear creative copy that will resonate with your customers and offer marketing advice that will help increase sales. I can do this with a host of services I offer, including:

  • SEO blogging
  • advertisements
  • newsletters
  • web content
  • white papers and ebooks
  • case histories
  • articles
  • brochures


From one happy camper:

“Neil, you’ve written nearly all of our blogs representing nearly all of our landing pages. Visitors are up by nearly 50%, page views by nearly 60%, and most important, sales are up by 41%!”

Bill Carney, maker of the garden tool Proplugger 5-1
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